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Sophie la girafe "Save Giraffes" set

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Product Details

This set includes:

  • Sophie la girafe: Baby’s first toy made from 100% natural rubber and stimulating each of the 5senses.
  • Sophie la girafe keychain: made from 100% natural rubber. Parents can also have their ownlittle Sophie la girafe!

Thanks to our partnership with Giraffe Conservation Fund, each purchase directly contributes to saving giraffes in Africa.

Giraffes need our help, now more than ever. An unprecedented partnership to save giraffes in the wild in celebration of Sophie la girafe’s 60th anniversary !

Over the past 30 years, giraffe numbers have declined by almost 30%. It's time to act.

Thanks to the purchase of each gift set, R20 will be donated to the Giraffe Conservation Foundation to contribute to the safeguarding of the species.
The funds raised will be used to support a “translocation” program led by the Giraffe Conservation Foundation.
This operation will allow the re-introduction of giraffes into areas with low numbers or where they have gone locally extinct. Translocation programs are key conservation tools for securing a future for giraffes in the wild.

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